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On 9/11 the networks always replay footage from that morning and I always end up watching.


Same as C_L, someone came into the office and said a plane hit one of the towers, and I was picturing a Cessna.  CNN set me straight quickly.


The other thing I remember from that morning is that I remember thinking, for about five minutes, how odd the NYC skyline was going to look with only one WTC tower.  :(

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I stopped at the flag pole in front of Ryan's school today and just stared at the flag at half mast and thought of that day and all the innocent lives lost, the heros who sacrificed themselves trying to and succeeding in saving others and all the sons and daugthers left without a mother, or father, or grandpa or aunt.


I was reflecting that every generation probably has a Never Forget moment, some good, some bad but all indelibly stamped in our memories.


I can still feel that fear as I learned about the horror unfolding that morning.  I remember hearing the first report of a plane crash in New York City as I drove down 190 in Plano and how by the time I got to my office in Lake Dallas, how the real story began to unfold.  I remember spending most of that work day with my boss, watching TV in silent horror and then leaving early to go get my son out of school.  All I wanted to do was hold him.  I am not sure he even remembers me holding him and crying.  I will never forget it.


Martha was pregnant with Ryan and I remember vividly thinking about what kind or world was I bringing my boys into.


I still have that same thought often.

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