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Chopped Liver

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Great neighborhood you moved to.


By all means, open the door to a stranger in need today. ;)


this is better than when I went home to let the dog out and saw a couple choppers overhead and a couple squad cars set up along the road with offices behind the car and ar-15 aimed down the road.  That turned out to be a home invasion in the subdivision right behind mine. 

Atlanta and it's burbs are a lovely city.

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Crap... it was not even in the school... This is boring!



GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- An altercation in front of Norcross High School has put the school in a hard lockdown.

According to authorities, the altercation did not involved students from the high school. One of the individuals who was involved in the altercation was transported a local hospital.

The students are being kept in the school. No one is able to enter the leave the school at this time. Police are currently searching the school.

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