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I'm sick of Mr. Beanz playing American music

Mr. Silly

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That sounds nice  ;)  


I have been listening to the song Las Mananitas (Mexican birthday song). Trying to learn it as it's a favorite among the older generation of my family members, uncles etc. I figure if I could learn that, we'd have a bunch of happy old people having a ball at cake time.


I also once posted a video of myself singing and playing a song with some Spanish in it. Before The Next Tear Drop Falls by Freddy Fender. I've tried to find a family member who can sing it while I play but the members that know Spanish can't sing and the one's that can, don't know Spanish. So I did it myself, didn't turn out too bad and if somebody didn't know Spanish, they probably wouldn't have know that I pronounced a few words incorrectly ha ha! I don't have the video anymore since I go through and delete stuff every so often.


I might have only posted it for my Facebook family because if I sang it here, I'm sure there are a few that would have wanted to deport me!  :lol:

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