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Mike Tyson comes to town


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 well its been quite a flurry of celebs  here  for TIFF ( Toronto international film festival) and as usual the streets are packed, and i get to see a lot of interesting

  incidents   because i live  half a block away from  pretty much 90% of what is going on... i walk out to go to the pharmacy..  and wave at  robert  duval,  or  cross the street and  see morgan freeman standing outside the theatre signing autographs... its  a  fun time..


 so mike tyson is here for his  movie coming out..  and   after seeing him at the tiff lighthouse then seeing him talking to our  nearly famous mayor rob ford..


 i watch the  morning news  the next day and see this interview... live... and  i really do not blame mikey at all....    i like cp24,  but the guy flubbed it good.

   totally cracked me up that they did not stop it right there......... and mike looked like he was going to take a bite out of the  host.

     not mikeys fault  but oh what a great interview :)


 warning :LANGUAGE.. turn down your sound  if kids are around.





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