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You didn't mow on the other side? Long diatribe.


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Yard work day yesterday. 


Trim palm trees.  Five of them.  Haul fronds to the dump.  Lots of fronds.  Two loads worth.

Mow lawn, and the next door neighbors.  (Riding lawn mower so no big deal.)

Weed eat.  My yard only.  (Next door neighbor is on her own with that.)




WofTy:  "You're going to trim the palm trees?"

Me:  "Yes."

WofTy:  "Even the tall one?  I don't want you climbing that high.  Leave it until next spring."  It's 25 feet tall.

Me:  "It looks like crap, and the other ones will be trimmed.  Who else is going to do it?  You?"  :P

WofTy:  "Well I don't like you doing it.  It can wait."


(Three hours later, 4 of 5 palms done, including the tall one.  Pickup truck overflowing with palm fronds for the first dump run.  Did I mention it was already 96 degrees, no clouds, and high humidity?  WofTy comes out to "check my work".)


WofTy:  "You didn't mow the other side of the yard?"  As I stand there soaking wet, palm frond sawdust stuck all over my shirt, arms, face.

Me:  "I haven't started cutting the lawn yet."

WofTy:  "I thought I heard the lawn mower running."

Me:  "Walk this way."  As I gave her a tour of what I had done so far, including the "it's too tall" palm, and the other three I had done.

WofTy:  "You did all of those too?  I need to go to Tybee Market, can you move your truck?" 

Me:  "Actually, no.  I'm hungry and hot, so it will be a little while."

WofTy:  "You want me to fix you something?"  Which was very nice of her.

Me:  "Yes, please.  Can you put two eggs on to boil so I can make some tuna salad?" 

WofTy:  "I can do that."


She goes upstairs.  I decide to make the first dump run before I eat, and move my truck.  I get back, walk in the kitchen, no eggs.  I put the eggs on and decide to take a shower to keep the sawdust out of my tuna.  I quietly inquire about my eggs, to which she apologizes for forgetting.  No big deal, I can at least boil eggs.  :whistle:


So three hours later I finish trimming the last palm tree, cutting both yards, weed eating our yard, making the last dump run, blowing off the driveway, cleaning up the lawn mower and the weed eater, putting everything away, soaking a$$ wet again, and she returns from the market just in time for me to haul the groceries upstairs for her.


WofTy:  "Good Lord it's hot.  I'm soaking wet."  Duh!

Me:  "Yes it is."

WofTy:  "I bought two really good steaks for you to grill for supper.  I'll put the potatoes in the oven.  Saute some asparagus and slice up a nice tomato." 

Me:  "Sounds good to...  Wait.  You want me to grill outside?"

WofTy:  "They should only take 8-10 minutes."  The thermometer on the deck read 98 degrees, in the shade.

Me:  "Sure."  Not at all enthused but what's another shower?  I've only showered twice already so a third time is the charm. 


It's nice being retired. :whistle:  But today I have dubbed PBR Friday.  As soon as I take her to Home Depot, and back I guess, I am out of here.  :1:



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