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Chopped Liver

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that's pretty wild. I've seen geese get themselves caught up in stuff around my place.


I remember one year there was a goose that got a fishing lure in his beak. The lure was hung up in a branch dangling over the pond. Then it rained a toon and raise the water level about a foot. No the lure was submerged and the poor goose got one of the hooks caught in his foot. He got himself free of the bush, but had the lure (a crankbait, hard plastic with 2 treble hooks) in his foot


the next morning he had the lure out of his foot, but it was caught in his beak


I was really worried about him, because if his beak was hooked close, then he couldn't eat and would die


there was no way to help him, either. Not only couldn't I catch him, but the other geese were protecting him, so it wasn't possible to do anything for him


Then by the next day he was free and I saw the lure stuck in a bush dangling over the pond. He must have found a place where he could get it hung up good enough to pull himself free

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