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I have too many jerseys

Square Wheels

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Nope, I have less than 10.  I just started riding a few years ago.  I did a few charity / organized rides and got caught up in buying their jersey.  Plus I bought some of my own.  THese things never wear out, I'll have them forever.

They do wear out, but if you only ride once a week you should be good to go for a decade or so.

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 i sort of have a thing for cool Jerseys.  I have a couple standard ones from rides, plus one with a giant tree frog on it, one with the ribs and spine so it looks like a skeleton, an Ironman one (The guy, not the race), one that looks like our Provincial flag, one that looks like Team Canada's uniform during the '72 Summit Series and a full kit of Belkin Pro Cycling as a friend of mine worked for the company and sent them to me.  Plus numerous long sleeve and cold weather ones.


I commute to work year round so have lots so I only need to wash cycling kit once a week and I don't end up smelling like my hockey gear

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