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35 minutes ago, Philander Seabury said:

Sad.  And then there is the mystery of the TER who joined a few months ago and instantly ghosted us.

Along with @eyebike. He popped in to say hi to @theenglishrider. Then both were gone again. 
Anyone know where he lived? Or his actual name? Maybe we can find an obituary in the online papers.

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Posted (edited)

Terri's FB profile lists that she lives in Cheshire CT.

I had forgotten he went by roadwarrior in the old LF.   I saw her FB post yesterday.  She has added some pics of Ken today, but not any more information on what happend.

In one response Terri's sister said he passed totally unexpectedly. 

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1 minute ago, Longjohn said:

You don’t have time to prepare yourself for a sudden death but it’s better than a slow death of losing all of your function over the course of two years.

Yes. I want to go slowly in my sleep, unlike all my passengers screaming and panicking. :mellow:

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Yes, so very sudden and sad.  I know she is needing help with horses-- especially while she takes her daughter to college a couple days drive away.  I sent it off to some people I know in that area who have horses.

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TER seems to be hanging in there as well as can be expected, we have emailed a little bit since yesterday.  She was happy with the profile photo she put up on FB, I took that when they visited NYC.  She mentioned that they never really took a lot of photos together (not the types to take selfies), so if anyone here has more photos of them, please reach out.  I know it would be very appreciated if you have any.

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