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Sept 12 Miles and crap

Road Runner

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I rode a meager 21.8.  But the temps were in the upper 70's and it felt great today.


I have to reregulate my timing for the shorter daylight.  It's getting too dark to ride at about 7 PM these days.  But if I go out before 5:30, I'm in rush hour traffic.  I may have to start riding early in the day.

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Yeah, but I like to do my puttering in the mornings and early afternoon.  Then I do my ride and I'm done for the day.  If I ride early, then I tend to get lazy and my puttering gets neglected.   :(

If you get lazy, you can take a nap!  Best of all!  Even better than puttering!


My doctor told me I need to get my ass on my bike on the weekend!  But I certainly don't want to give short shrift to puttering or lazing, and I just can't seem to find the time to fit in a nap!

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