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So what movie are you currently living in?


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Caddyshack for me.  This durn resident groundhog keeps scurrying away when I come out back and then popping his head up out of the vegetation and looking at me and saying "uh-oh!". 


That was one of the best parts of the 25th Anniversary Edition - they 'splained how the whole groundhog (ok, golpher) thing came to be a part of the movie.  Good schtuff! :)

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I'm not in it, but I would like to be in Groundhog Day.   :)


Knowing that you never age, you can eat anything and as much as you want, do anything no matter how dangerous (even get killed), and still always wake up the next morning to Sonny and Cher would be heaven on earth.  I would skip the rodent affair, however.  

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