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I got my PTO back


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17 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

In March as I was recovering..between 2 pay periods where I used 8 hours of PTO..but my files showed 108 hours gone :angry: :runcirclsmiley:I asked about it, and didn't get a response. Last week we had a zoom with the guy at the main office who works with ADP and is our HR contact...So..apparantly, to promote a "work life balance" they changed the policy.also we accrue PTO based on hours worked not the years hours on our anniversary. I and others were clear...WE WERE NEVER INFORMED ABOUT THIS CHANGE. 

So...I got 100 hours back :cheerleader: N the w I need a cheap vacation..driving preferred over flying due to Covid..

Who wants me :D

Road Trip to Greenville is in order!

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