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Chopped Liver

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Again, useless without images.


You need to venture into the "real" section of the site sometimes.  I've posted a few riding pics of her.  Here's the last one I posted.


As for what she looks like, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Why would I marry someone I didn't find appealing physically and otherwise?



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that is a cool drink of water.....


I get the humor / reference, but seriously... That ick she is trying to suck down was Perpetuem mixed extra thick.  She tried adding things like almond butter and honey to it, but it looked and tasted (so she said) like poo.  She had about 1/2 and when we got home she decided she'd never try it again and threw it out bottle and all.


You really do struggle in the humor department, don't you?


Yes, I always have and you constantly pointing out my failures makes me feel even worse.

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