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Should the U.S. Send troops to Scotland?


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since you are too stupid to answer the question, allow me to explain something to you. British nukes are on their subs, which are not under the control of Scotland.

Not yet, but if they separate, they must be handed over to Scotland, of course Scotland me own the subs too but that wasn't discussed.

But by your absolutely retarded logic, if you happened to own anything, since you live in your mother's house, then she would own it, not you.

So my original explanation was correct.
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Did Q ever star in any adult films?

Imagine all the stuff he could come up with for a film called "Q and A"!

I don't know, I'm just bummed I won't be getting my hands on a tricked out Aston Martin. Would've been so awesome for dealing with a-hole drivers and cyclist.
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So what will happen to the British Open Golf Championship next year? It is scheduled to be played at St Andrews in Scotland. Will it be renamed the Scottish Open?

I hope the Scots are giving all of these important issues the proper concern before they vote.

I believe people as young as 15 get to vote on this, so you know the are not.
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