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Just spent $4,000


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I'm about to spend $9,200. That's the pay-off for our home. I found out that WoJSTL has much more that that in a savings account that's getting 0.02% interest. That's a couple of bucks a year.


I explained to WoJSTL that paying off the home loan would save us "a new pair of shoes" each month. Once I put it in terms she understood, she said yes.

Nothing better than getting your home paid off. We scrimped pretty hard for a few years to pay ours off early.

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Unfortunately it was on a new roof and not a new bike. :angry:  Looks like next week will consist of replacing two skylights and installing a new metal roof on our house. Fortunately after tomorrow there's no rain in sight for 7 or 8 days.


Says the guy with no roof.  Good luck with that.

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Roofing is one DIY project I won’t do. Not that I can’t as have patched areas, but learned early about the FL sun. At least this is a good time of year. Do need a new roof and prices should be realistic as no hurricane for years…they need the work. Now if it was after a hurricane, ballooning prices and waiting months with a blue tarp roof, then I would do DIY.

good luck with your endeavor.

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1 hour ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

How did the roof project turn out?

Nice dredge.

We hope our roof lasts at least 25 years.  There are no trees hanging over it, and it seems like they used good shingle for the build. It is a steeper roof than we have ever had. That is nice fpr snow to shed off.  We went with comp and we have no skylights.  

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18 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

They were.  Zackny was gallivanting around the globe and when he returned here, he forgot his password.  He created a new user.  Zackny wasn't very smart.  The new guy @Gump seems a little brighter.


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