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Got the phone call…


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1 hour ago, KrAzY said:

My dads cousins husband called and talked to me for about an hour. He asked when the soonest I can come to Ohio and pick up the ‘60 Plymouth Valiant. I told him the soonest I can be up there is the end of September due to having to schedule off work. 
As we were talking about the new beast in my garage, he told me somethings I didn’t know about the Valiant.. first off. I never knew it was my Great Grandmother’s vehicle, she drove it a total of 35,000 miles or so. After he got the car he did some work and drove it around to the new total of 44,230 miles. 
By my calculations.. that engine is barely broken in yet after all these years.

Looks like I need to make a little more room in the garage.

I can go tomorrow.

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6 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

Some consider it one of the ugliest cars ever making it a true classic. I hope that it's a Slant 6.

Yes it is a slant. And it is ugly, but I will love it just like my Chevy 

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1 hour ago, Further said:

push button shifting ?

Yes it does. 


1 hour ago, Philander Seabury said:

When it rains it pours!

No.. no rain.. I want to drive it and don’t know if it leaks yet 😂

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