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I'm taking a transfer to the Detroit office


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I thought you were like a forest ranger or something. If that's right, I'm surprised a Detroit office even exists. :scratch head:

That's how many people have left the place. The "urban jungle" has really turned into a jungle.
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Seems the last supervisor there was pretty lax with the staff. They keep trying to set low expectations so hey can F off all day. I'll have that place ship shape in a month.


You're a forest ranger.  Don't you spend most of the day making sure bears don't steal picnic baskets?  I don't know if you can get any easier than that.

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Apparently I suck at parody threads, or maybe it's you guys. :scratch head:


Ok, so this is not really what I would consider a parroty thread.  Parroty threads tend to have the same title with a slightly misspelled or replaced word.


This would be what I would call a continuation or a "spin off" thread.  One of my fav styles of thread humor.  It would be like if I am complaining that my wife is sleeping with some dude.  Then someone else started a thread about sleeping with some new chick making everyone think it's my wife.


It was actually a pretty decent attempt.  The problem is that you have to pick a thread and poster to start with that has a lot of traffic.  You have to pick a poster that attracts attention so everyone knows what you are up to or it's not funny. 


You sure as hell can't pick a Mr Silly thread.  Nobody reads those.

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