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New truck scheduled to be built next week


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This has always been an interim vehicle. The 2022 will be the last with the six cylinder from what I hear. Also, I can get a good price for it or a real decent trade-in on it.  The red one will be my 15 year truck.

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8 minutes ago, team scooter said:

Congrats. When did you order it? A guy at work ordered a pickup in April, he still has no date for delivery. Looks like I'll be driving my '04 until the wheels fall off. And I got another note on my windshield offering to buy it last weekend.  :nodhead:

It was ordered two weeks ago. It's at code 3300 with a build week of 9/6/2021.

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7 minutes ago, smudge said:

Want to buy a nice 2016? It could be delivered. ☺️

Thanks but no. My new SUV is already in the garage, but I cant claim full possession until Mrs gets her new CX30, "hopefully" next spring if we can find one. If not, I still like driving 'ol grey.:nodhead:

cc 1.jpg

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