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I think my new phone is now safer to make transactions on than my computer


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In both cases, you have to first sign onto the computer using an account but my phone now has face recognition software which is much harder to trick than guessing a software password.  On my home chromebook, I don't even use a password.  Next once you gain access to my applications and/or web browsers, you need to get past my password manager and it randomly generates gobble-d-gook strings that no human on the planet would dream of let alone remember.  And they're long.  Real long. The password manager handles all device I've registered and works so well that if I'm not using a device I'm not registered on, I essentially can't use it myself.  Which brings me to my third line of defense and really single point of failure if you can get past the device logins.  That's the master password of the security manager.  If you crack that, you're golden.  But I'm here to tell you I've set that password up so randomly and awesome, I feel good about it.  So unless your on my local network (passord encrypted) and have a network sniffer, and are smart enough to decode the byte string -- good luck.  Finally, and let me end with this -- if you go through all that to steal from me -- you're stupid.  Use your talents, don't waste your time, and go after someone with resources like @jsharr or @Kzoo.  You get into my accounts please make my next credit card payment. Thanks.

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3 hours ago, Bikeguy said:

So... you just don't set your password to 'password' and move on?? 


but that's 8 characters with only 2 repeating characters.  I prefer something like 'abababab'.  Let's not muck up the waters, m'kay?

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