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Speed Sensors/ Double Connect ?

Mr Beanz

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So I got this cool little GPS unit for about $35. Does everything I need, basic stuff and more. More like a Cateye cycling computer Toggle thru screens/4 functions per screen)  vs my Garmin 500 (multi screens and functions). Someone told me that I should try a speed sensor. Didn't even really know they existed. But got one for the XOSS. Then found out they can be connected to both and run simultaneously. 

So I did and do. Getting to the point where I like the $35 Xoss more than my Garmin. If only the XOSS displayed total elevation, I'd be great!

So I connected the speed sensor to the XOSS. Noticed very little difference. Well heck, let's connect it to both units, and did.

I really can not tell much of a difference while riding. The XOSS was actually pretty stable with displaying speed on the ride. The Garmin was sketchy at times and now seems more stable. But I wonder if there is a downside to being connected to both? IS the reading less accurate? Should I expect the battery to die sooner being connected to 2 units, or does that matter, wify does not affect the battery?

Any thoughts on this. Not like something I can just view with the naked eye.

Any experience with speed sensors and/or double connecting?


This little sucker was like $20. :D The XOSS speed sensor that can double as a cadence sensor.



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On 9/13/2021 at 10:05 PM, Mr Beanz said:

Any experience with speed sensors and/or double connecting?

Speed sensors do help when you are in the woods, tunnels, or other places the GPS struggles to hold a signal.  I ditched the one that came with my original Garmin (speed and cadence sensor), but my powermeter handles those duties now. 

I can't think of a reason why performance would go "down" if connected to multiple sources, since I would think the sensor really just broadcasts constantly when "awake", and the Garmin or other head units are just receiving - not responding - the broadcast.  IOW, the sensor would not care (or know) if one, two, or ten head units were receiving the broadcast.

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