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Does Your Dog Inhale Food?

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My dog likes to play a game where I toss treats to her and she runs at a breakneck speed to get them.  The first couple she chases down, pounces on, and the eats normally.  However, as the fun amps up, she becomes progressively more fast at the consumption portion of the game.  She is often back in motion looking for the next treat before she has finished swallowing the prior treat.

Of course, this results in a choking fit that is familiar, I am sure, to members of the @Randomguy family every Thanksgiving.  She has to stop her running, dislodge the treat, and start over.  Luckily, as the game goes on, she also loses a bit of her pep, so the peak choking is mid-game, and tapers as she stops running around like a maniac.

How about your pups? Are they nutters too?


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Jack does and he has no regulator.  He’d eat until he barfed and then eat more if you let him.

My Aussie was a grazer as well as our first two Aussies & Smokey (also an Aussie) is the same. He picks at his food throughout the day & doesn’t gorge. 

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13 hours ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

My dog eats at a normal pace. He feels the need to place the food from his bowl onto the floor before eating it, but ok. He takes treats from the kitchen to the front hallway to eat by the door. He drinks like it’s a desert oasis, however.

Yep - my dog, with no competition, is a very easy going eater of regular food in her bowl.  She grazes throughout the day from her normal bowl of food, she will take it out and spread it across the floor, roll in some of the good stuff, and choose which bits get eaten and which get ignored.  She loves to play with her food sure and goes crazy with it, but she is very calm about it.

Just the play activity and treats are her funnest part - running, playing, rolling, etc..  She's a nutter. 

Luckily, too, she never barfs from it :)

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