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Should I feel guilty?


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I'm retired.  I have done way more than my share of commitments in my job and my "spare" time over the years.  I'm retired now.  I like to be lazy.  If I'm asked to do something as a one time thing, like helping someone move, I'm there.  If I'm asked to do something that requires a commitment on a scheduled basis, I refuse.  Commitments are important to me.  If I make one, I will keep it, no matter what.  At this point in my life, I am very, very, particular about my time and being constrained by something I have committed to do.  Therefore, I make few if any commitments.


I do not feel guilty about that, and I have been called to task, if that's the right term, for being this way.  And the people who have been the most vocal are the younger people who have not had the pleasure, or experience, of prolonged commitment. 


I think they may be jealous that I come and go as I (or I should say WofTy) please.  I am battling the guilty feeling, but I will prevail.


BTW.  I won $20 bucks at cornhole tonight after I refused to be the coordinator and someone else had to do it.  I did it for three years and quit when I retired.  If I do it once, they'll expect me to do it again.  Paid for the PBR I drank.  :P      

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 And the people who have been the most vocal are the younger people who have not had the pleasure, or experience, of prolonged commitment. 



How dare you? The world revolves around and exists only to serve and entitle those people.  And since you presume to exist in that world your sole purpose is to provide for their convenience and comfort!


I don't know where you picked up these wrong-headed, self-centered, and anti-social convictions about not doing your fair share and picking up their fair share too.  You're retired, for heaven's sake!  What else have you to do!?!  These people are busy, busy, busy simply keeping up with their thousands of 'friends' posting daily emergencies on their social media sites, downloading apps, and playing Candy Crush.   Just because you've worked hard and earned your retirement doesn't give you leave from serving these people like their parents and teachers did.


I bet you're even the type that doesn't even have a Facebook page and yells at people to get off your lawn.



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You paid your dues, worked hard and upheld your ethos for a long time. 


Sounds like you still hold firmly to your ethos and know what you want out of you time available now. 


Do not for a second feel bad about this. My wife had to take me to task to not be the one always handling the family affairs; sisters, parents all called on me to handle every little family issue. I always did it prior, no matter if it dug into my personal time. Now I help when it suites me and doesn't cost what precious spare time I have available. It has worked out very well. You know why? The planet still revolves, nobody has died, and shit still gets done!


Seems to me if your happy with your use of your time then all is well in the world.

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Never feel guilty for saying no, because soon as you say yes once... It is a trap that they keep pulling you into.

I am one of those people that will always be there to help out and do things. I have also learnt over the years people are more willing to use you and not return the help when you are needing it. I will only do things now for my closest friends.. Granted I only have 4 of them, but I do have a couple :)

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