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Is the Blackberry as dead as baseball?

Square Wheels

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The Passport’s large square face is aimed at professionals who need to securely read and manage complex documents like blueprints, X-rays and spreadsheets on their smartphones. The screen displays 60 characters across each line, close to the 66 characters that studies show is the optimal number in a line in a book, and 50% more than the typical smartphone, BlackBerry says.

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Wow, I thought it was closer than this between iOS and Android.



Well....when you only have one phone, essentially on iOS, and 76 different ones on Android, it's easy to have those numbers.


The fine print that the char doesn't show is that Android OS is a bit of a red herring. That's like saying Linux. There are different flavors of the Android OS for each phone manufacturer, which is why it's so hard for app developers to have many consistent Android apps. They literally need to have 5-15 versions of the App just for Android. This is especially true for apps that work with physitcal devices (fitbit, my new hearing aids, for example). Android is a nightmare for app developers...at least apps that are not just super simple apps that don't interact with hardware much.

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