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Your Most Recent Cycling-related Purchase

Square Wheels

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2 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

Topeak rear rack for the gravel bike. The same bag fits both it and the tandem. Riding the Katy Trail again starting tomorrow.

Do you have the matching rack that it clips into? That’s what I would have bought if I hadn’t already bought a titanium rack.

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It looks like I haven't purchsed much for cycling in a while.  My stash of stuff has not gone down too much.  

My new recent stuff;  

2021 - AAA batteries for my Cateye rear flashing lights

2020 - my Garmin watch

2019 - some spare spokes for my rear wheel for the road bike. 

My new stuff that was purchased before, just in case...

:check: 2 or 3 new chains all 9 speed, spare Shimano chain pins

:check: new tubes - MTB, tandem, & road bike,  spare tire(s) for the tandem and road bike.

:check: bar tape, rim tape, some spare spokes for the tandem

:check: new Keo cleats

:check: new bib shorts, new jerseys 

I have at least new 1 brake cable and shift cable for the road bike.   Now that I think of it I should get new brake cables for the tandem over the winter.  

Hmmm...    I guess I need to order some spare tires for the MTB too.  

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2 sets of  key-oriented wheel levers and axles for my bike wheels....after I caught bike thief in act of dismantling my front wheel 2 days ago. I paid $26.00 in total.

Hey we really are bike oriented. Who knew for all the mindless chatter on this hot Cafe.

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20 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

I use those on my fat bike, I like them. Simple, low cost, and good.

I had the extra chunky ones but after 3 years they got a little firm so I replaced them with the chunky’s and like them better. I find i like a narrower grip better. 

Yeah for $18 a great deal! 

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I bought a chain and some lube, and had the gf assist in the disassembly and cleaning of the drivetrain, then the installation of the chain.  The funny thing is that now she thinks I know handyman stuff, which I don't at all.  I told her I am game to try and fix anything, though, after a youtube video.

I also bought new arm warmers in late spring, which I haven't used yet.

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XOSS GPS device and a speed sensor.  The GPS was about $45 with a little kit and loving it more than my Garmin Edge 500. Only wish it showed the total elevation gain. I run both just to compare and forget the Garmin is there. :D



The XOSS shows hundredths of a mile. I like that as sometimes you know you exactly how much further you need to click over the last mile of the ride.


The sensor, about $20 and doubles as a speed sensor or a cadence sensor depending on setting. Only one function at a time though.


Love the auto light function.  Goes on automatically when it gets dark. No need to fiddle with buttons while riding to see stats. Ability to alter light settings.

I forget the Garmin is there, in the dark, on the stem. in the shadows.


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