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Forecasting snow tonight.


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2 hours ago, jdc2000 said:

3 inches here already, probably 6-8 inches by morning.  Trees still have leaves, so that will not be good.


We've had snow and leaves combine to create week long power outages.  Best wishes.

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There have already been about a dozen brief power blips that caused the lights to flicker and the UPS systems to briefly activate.  Just finished knocking off as much snows as I could reach with a long pole from the tree branches.  The only thing that is helping, for once, is the wind, which is keeping a lot of the snow from accumulating on the branches and leaves.  The air temperature is also below freezing now, so the snow is not as heavy.

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Lucky so far.  We sometimes have snow before Thanksgiving, but rarely anything that sticks.  Later December through March might result in only a few 3-6 inch snowstorms or in three 20+" snowstorms, a bunch of 6-12" snowstorms, and some smaller ones.  But the typical snow is low enough that most people don't own snowblowers.

Right now, we're sitting pretty.  The average daily high right now is 69°F, dropping to 63°F by the end of the month with avg. lows being 48°F by the end of the month.




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