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How do I price all this bike stuff I have to pimp???


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I can speak for most items though bike specific resale is something I have very limited experience with. I have sold quite a bit of things online in my day. My Ebay score is over 1500.



Most like new items of slight age, 1-3 years old, can easily retain 60-70% of their retail value. But don't feel bad getting sales in the 55-60% your not selling yourself short there. If your selling to a person direct and not using a site like Ebay then a tad lower price is fine as you won't be paying seller fees, shipping, and paypal transfer rates. 


Do your research, like KT suggested, find fair prices, and grab that cash!

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Find out what the gear is going for on eBay.


Sell the gear on Craigslist for 5-10% less, cash only, local pickup only.  You won't have to ship, and you get cash in hand.  Say the price is firm and you'll ignore lowball offers.


And use pictures.  People don't buy things without pictures.

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