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Not 20/20 Vision! Not Even Close!

Razors Edge

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...but the eye doctor didn't even give me abc/xyz comparable!  I can't say, "You think your eyes are bad, mine are 400/300!" or whatever the heck it means.

FTR, I get "Sphere (OD/OS) = -6.00/-5.00" which has gotta be bad because I have bad vision!  So, WTF does a -6.00 translate to in cool kid's terms?

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Always had really good eyes. I remember taking an eye test back when I was about 30. Did the test with the little dominos telling which corner the dot is in. I went beyond then the last one, the doc said give it a try, I got it right because I could see it. The doc said good guess. WTF DOC, I can see it! :dontknow:

At 55, I thought my eyes were bad as I couldn't see like I used to.  Doc said I was still 20/20. 

Then at 57, I  went because the freeway signs were not visible like before. Doc said I am still good but I might think about glasses to drive at night on the freeway. 

Now at 59, same thing. Hmmm! I guess I'll have to be blind before they tell me I need glasses. :lol:

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I lost a pair of $350 glasses the first day I had them one time. I was so mad at myself that I refused to buy another pair. After awhile I got used to not wearing glasses and it seemed like I could see pretty good. My wife kept harping on me that I needed to get my eyes checked and order new glasses. Three and a half years later I gave in and went to the eye doctor. He told me I had near perfect mono-vision. My right eye can see distance and my left eye can see up close. He said if I’m happy with that I don’t see any reason to get glasses unless you need them for depth perception. I was running a forge press and depth perception would be nice. I got glasses for work and none for home. During the time that I went without my glasses my eyes adjusted themselves for mono vision.

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Just now, 2Far said:

I'm 20/400+

I have perfect vision at about 6" from my eyes, everything else is a blur.

What's that in the current currency of vision??? + or - 3.0? 4.0???  This is like the damned Commies and their metric system nonsense!

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