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Personality Type - IRL vs Online?

Razors Edge

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IRL, I'm the classic shy extrovert - ie pretty open with folks I know.  I think that stays true in places like the Cafe - ie I won't start haranguing less known forum members, until I'm more aware of them and their postings.  Well, I will harass the n00bs, but they never make it long enough to really get to know.

Anyway, how about you?  Shy & introverted IRL and here? Extroverted IRL, but wild and crazy here?


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3 hours ago, MoseySusan said:

In person, I prefer discussion about politics, religion, and economics. 

In person I can discuss more politics and other topics which people might find boring /may not want to talk much about...ie. urban design/planning, creativity/art, etc.

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