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What phrases, sayings or distorted quotes are the most commonly used or referred to on this site?

Road Runner

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A person of great importance demonstrated to me that there is a place here to insert replies that are often used.  Then, with just a single click, they can be inserted into your post.  But it seems senseless if it is something short, like PRI.  You might as well type that out.  But if we wanted the phrase printed out instead of abbreviated, such as "you shut your dirty whore mouth!", it would obviously save a lot of typing.  I think something like, "Would Parr8hed hit it?" might be a good example of a typical reply that would benefit from a one click selection.  

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7 hours ago, Road Runner said:

Just wondering if there are sayings or phrases that we use a lot that would be fun and convenient to just click on and then they magically appear in your post.  :)

It reminds me of an old joke I'll probably butcher, but here it is to the best of my memory:

A new convict is sent to a prison and, at dinner in the cafeteria, one guy stood up and said, "23, 7, 124," and everyone laughed.

The new guy asked those around him what was going on and they explained that they told jokes with so many of the same elements that now they just call out numbers assigned to those elements.  23 meant a guy robbed a store, 7 meant he was caught and arrested, 124 meant he escaped.

So the new guy stood up and said 21, 45, 84, and no one said anything.

"How come that didn't work?" he asked.

"We heard that one last week," was the reply.

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