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My wife's friend's husband attended some affair and he was so smitten by the roast beast that he brought some back and we acquired some of it, and my doG, it was the most awesome meat I have ever tasted!  Very rare, and just heavenly.  Damn it was good!


And that is all I have to say aboot that.  Oh yeah, except to say that it went well with the accompanying provolone. :)

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that statement is just not true!  Look at you, at meat eater, always sick.  Look at me, a non meat eater, never sick..... hmmm


I would be dead if it wasn't for the meat I eat.  I am shocked you are so healthy, what with your total lack of meat and all, it is a damn good thing you eat well otherwise.


I would be a vegetarian if I could eat your cooking everyday, at least for a while!

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