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Suggest me an album to listen to on my drive home


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Rats!  Too late.  I was going to say Avett Brothers Carpenter.


I don't have the Queen - actually I don't have much Queen aside from Night At The Opera - but I do have The Carpenter.  I can put that in the queue.  I spent most of the summer with my 2014 playlist on shuffle but lately I've been wanting to hear albums. 


well, to be honest I thought Carpenter was weak compared with I And Love and Emotionalism.  But the kids both love the song "Live And Die".


If I And Love And You turns out to be the zenith of the Avetts' career, there's no shame in that.  A damn fine album.

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LZ 1


It's funny - I first got this album on cassette and for some reason, Side 1 on the cassette started with with "Your Time Is Gonna Come".  And it still sounds weird to me to start with "Good Times Bad Times".


But how about that guitar intro in "GTBT", the start of Track 1 of a debut album.... awesome.  Sounded great this afternoon - thanks for the suggestion.

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