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15700 and counting with a very sore body!!


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So did I happen to mention they are gonna move some of the remodel to my office on MONDAY,,,I found out yesterday,,,probably what led me to fall off my shoes...I HURT and I have been on my feet all day (at 15700 steps all but about 700 of them at work)...Now I hurt from lifting and packing stuff...  I still have some stuff to do ...might try to go in at 7 on Monday...Computer guy coming back at 8:30...Movers at 9.......

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I closed the door to my office and took one step and went down...one of my residents saw me and came to check on me...in his walker...I was up by the time he got there..


I went down like an autumn leaf falling from a tree and sprang up like a gazzell (If you can believe that)...oh and I am sue I was tackled by an invisible midget...LOL...yeah eiter turned my body and not my feet or just stepped funny...first time since I was 14....Also crazy wore the same shoes for 2 or 3 days and walked on a torn up side walk and climbed over concrete ...nothing...close my door at work and flat on my ass. 

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