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It's good to be in charge

Road Runner

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I'm trying, really trying to be on my best behavior today, but this is the kind of heavy handed crap that just......


Mr. Silly, while a bit delusional, is an upstanding kind a guy.  He simply wants to ask the forum admin a question and the Lord High All Supreme Dictator (LHASD) locks the stinking thread.


On the one hand the LHASD wants to increase traffic here and attract new members and then he pulls this stuff.


*scratches head*

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Funny, no?


I assumed the "question" was a play on other peoples posts.  And for the record, that was one of the only locked posts here.  IT WAS A JOKE.  I figure if I yell it will make me funny?  OK, so maybe not funny, it's unlocked now.

I took it as a joke.  I was just pointing out what a funny guy you are.


You need a hug?

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