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good morning!

Chopped Liver

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Sunday! it's a heavy mist on my yard and freshly planted apple tree and camelia bush.

Expected to turn to heavy rains later today.....the wife and dog are asleep in bed, I'm sipping coffee, procrastinating doing homework and reading, and thinking about having some of the egg and ham casserole I made last night for this morning.

May you all have a really nice day today.

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I have one last load in the dryer...I am then off to get a few groceries....after that...meh It would be nice to get out but I am also enjoying just doing nothing...most...but not all of my muscles are back to normal (not my azz muscle).......Have to do some more paperwork for my U of MN dental appointment...I need a new tmj mouth guard  and the only place I can see this doc is at the U...therefore lots of paperwork...makes me part of a study.. :scratch head: Beautiful weather...temps in the 80's a bit too warm for the end of Sept in my book)...that will change later this week. :D

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