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What a great day!

Road Runner

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Sunny but with a few clouds to make the sky pretty.  75F and mild northeast breezes.  It doesn't get any better than this in SE VA!   :nod head:


I feel sorry for all the people who stayed in their houses today, whether by circumstance or by choice.   :(   These kind of days are as close to being in heaven as most of us are ever going to get.


I rode 28.6 miles @ 17.2 avg in easy Sunday traffic.   :)

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I went for one last swim and then closed my pool for the season today.  The water was actually warmer than it was on the last couple days of summer when the granddaughters were here swimming.  Even as beautiful as the day was it is always a sad day when I close the pool for the year.

That is a pretty darn good season for a pool in northwestern PA!

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That is a good season.  I have closed the pool later but I have never actually used the pool regularly this late in the year.  The late closures were either through procrastination or the one year I crashed and broke my hip in September and didn't manage to get the pool closed up until the snow was flying.

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