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Imagine if you woke up dead


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Imagine if you woke up dead and there was no one else home.

What would you do?  Aside from the horror of being dead, how would you survive? 

Not sure why, but this is what I thought of when I woke.  I imagined my wife had left for work.  I would not be able to call her.  I almost never use the house phone and couldn't now, because I would be dead.  Clearly I'd never be able to use the cell phone as it's a touch screen and I still would be dead.

It would be amazingly frightening.

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I always find it stupid and annoying when the ambulance-chasing lawyers put ads on TV that say, "Have you or a relative been killed or injured by so and so product?"  How am I watching this blood sucking ad if I was killed?  

That's the "or relative" part, dingleberry.

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