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My speaker volume

Square Wheels

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was muted while Comfortably Numb was playing.




...........and you're complaining?  :lol:  



About a week ago I tried to play a video on yt but no sound. My computer volume was up, my media volume was up. I tried IE and it worked fine on yt but my Google chrome would not get sound. I researched the issue for about 30 minutes looking at various solutions. Turns out the volume on yt was down. I never mess with that volume control so I don't know how I turned it down, maybe on accident but I wasted a lit of time looking for a solution. I hate when I do that.  :D

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I used to like you.   :ban:



I guess I just can't find anything I like about PF music. I've heard how great they are for years and years but I don't see it. Brick in the Wall was a decent song but the others have never appealed to me. I can see why others like them but just never did a thing for me. Neil Diamond on the other hand......... :lol:

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How about this, I can play this pretty well.





Funny, song is OK but I've never cared enough about it to listen to it.


BUT! I love live music. I watched the vid the other day in another thread. I can watch that video and like it because I really like to watch people play . So that's probably why I could watch it and enjoy it.


One reason why I always ask to watch videos of others playing if they have them. Watching them play is entertaining even if it's sucky, the watch/play factor adds a ton to anything. 

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