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have you ever had that feeling, that when they say 99% works out


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   that you might be in that   lonely 1%?



 for the second time in 10 yrs  i  have had these exact words said to me by a dr..... with a  don't worry, chuckle...


 the eery feeling of deja vu  hit me as   i was stuck in an elevator between floors in the hospital on way to the second dr.. and one of the  people stuck with me said, this never happens to these elevators...   i am standing there with leads hanging off me.. thinking... geez lady..  you should not have got on this elevator with me ...lol  



 just curious,  as i am  not the luckiest person in my world, and  i should be happy with those words..... 



- heart operation, as soon as i get back  - currently out of the country.







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I hope all goes well.  I truly believe in self healing.  If you believe you are not lucky, then you will focus on not being lucky.

I am a person of relatively meager means, but I believe I am fabulously wealthy.  I try to give away a lot of my money and help as many people as I can, even when my checking account has $100, I try to help.  Believing I am wealthy makes me feel a lot better.


Believe you are a lucky person and you will be.

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