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I'm giving up on Strava and won't be using it anymore.  I think it takes away a lot from my running and riding.  It takes the same data that is on the Garmin site and changes it.  I ran 3 miles this morning, but probably due to clouds and stuff the map is only 1/2 of the run, so Strava is only 1/2 of the distance.
There are a lot of other discrepancies from what Garmin says and Strava say.  Don't even get me started on how useless segments are.  I can't imagine who programmes this and why they leave it on their site.  Segments / KOMs could not be more inaccurate if they tried.
I turned off all email from Strava and stopped the automatic uploads.  This also means I would be giving other people kudo's, but you all know I still love you.
I feel better.
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Maybe you thought you ran 3 miles this morning....just sayin


Nope, it's the same 3 I've been running for a couple of months.  It's cloudy / drizzly here so the satellites weren't being picked up, but Garmin was still smart enough to know I did it.


So instead of being a Stravasshole, you will now be just a plain asshole?  


I'm a simple person.

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