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I got a free chicken today.


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Bought a rotisserie chicken last night at the expensive market.  They are all expensive here, but that is another story.  Anyway, it was probably soaked in some garlic solution, because that is what it tasted like and both RG and RW had massive heartburn from it.


I happened to be in the store this morning, picked up a few things and paid, and casually mentioned it to the checkout chicklet.  I was thinking she could let them know for quality-control purposes after I had gone, but she started yapping at the rotisserie area immediately in Texican or somesuch, and a supernice Texican chick gave me another one, there and then-like.  


I thought that was kind of above and beyond, since I was in "just so you know" mode, not wild and belligerent or pooping on the floor like I normally would if I was upset about something.



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These are our chickens.  They were not free.

That's either Bob or Tom up on the swing I built for them.  Gilda is the little golden one walking around.  Mrs. Sprinkles is up on the perch and Marty is the Barred Rock (white stripes).  The other black one with gold chest is either Bob or Tom.  I cannot keep those two straight.


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You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar is what my grandmother always taught me.


Not sure why she liked catching flies.


I think that if you pooped on the floor,that would attract more flies than honey or vinegar, but it would be way grosser.


I am glad that my countryman was able to provide you with a chicken.


Viva Texas!  Viva America! Viva Obama!  Viva el Pollo!

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