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First case of Ebola diagnosed in U.S.

Road Runner

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"The bottom line here is that I have no doubt that we will control this case of Ebola so it does not spread widely in this country,” said Frieden. 




That caught my eye as well.


Notice he said "does not spread widely".  He did not say "will not spread" or "we will contain it to this one person".


Here's another that will make you feel that these people are competent:


"Health officials say those who may have flown with him are likely not at risk of infection"


Press releases full of subtly positioned weasel-words only erode my confidence in these people. 

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Exactly.  It makes you wonder what his definition of "widely" is, or whether there is any actual meaning at all attached to that statement.


I dub it 'bureaucratic weasel mouth'.  Administrators, politicians, managers - you name it - watch/listen carefully to what they say.  Almost without exception they place these innocuous qualifying words in what they say so that when situations explode in their faces they have an escape clause waiting.


I'm serious - listen closely and you'll hear how pervasive this is.

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