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Thank goodness for wine


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I get massive acid reflux if I drink it.  White isn't as bad as red, but it is pretty bad.    More for you, SQ!  


When do you go on your trip, btw?

21st!  bought some supplies today.... toilet paper, mosquito net, headlamp etc  :D you know, the usual

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Sometimes...it is putting the wine with the right food...I mean sometimes it is just wine..but mmmmm a nice red with with some cheese or chocolate...or a nice pasta, salmon, beef...  On a hot day...a nice white with salad, chicken or fish....and then there is wine for dummies which, after trying to tell you all about wine...said drink what you like and can afford..


There is a nice Cali Red called Marietta Red...runs $12 to 14 a bottle....with a nice dinner serving a pasta & red sauce or beef....give it a shot.

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