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My trusty steed had to be walked home... so TIB


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the last mile last night.  I knew it was going to happen.  It had been ailing for a while now, despite my ministrations.  I was delinquent doing my maintenance and the bearing races got a bit of rust accumulation on them.  I buffed them down as well as could be done, and repacked them with some good grease.  Started making a noise two weeks ago.  I loosened the axle nuts a little to try and help, but no, the rear wheel bearings finally seized.  I was halfway home from the south end, a mile to go, 11:00PM.  I could release the skewer and let the whole axle turn so I could walk it home. 


The good news, I finally got to do a TIB.  A new inexpensive wheelset that will look really cool.  Shimano Deore 26" M525 Rhyno Lite.  Be here Friday in time for my Friday afternoon/evening excursion.  Good news is I won $500 at Bingo last Friday, so I'm still flush. 


Got to pump up the MTB tires on the Trek for my Wednesday pub crawl.  Not going to be the same.  :P

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How would ceramic bearings fair in this environ me wonders?

It was the hub race that had the rust accumulation, so ceramic bearings wouldn't be any better.  It was from water intrusion, and old grease from lazy ass maintenance, as I ride this thing in the rain once in a while.  The salt air isn't good for bikes down here, but mine stay indoors so that isn't a problem.


I don't know how the bike rental shops handle so many of their bikes being ridden on the beach or into the water.  One dip and they're done after less than a year.  I know one guy buys about 50 bikes every other year, or sooner depending on the tourons.  Mine will never feel the sand beneath their wheels.  :P   

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