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Strava segments


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I live in a rural area so there are not a lot of segments. When I go for a ride if there are any segments they show up on my ride and it tells me how I did compared to the other riders that have done the segment. I’m old and weak so I’m not going for any KOM anymore but it’s nice to see how other people do on the same roads that I ride and it shows my fastest ride on that segment and all the other times I rode it.

Last night I was on Strava just looking around and I accidentally touched something on my touch screen that brought up a map of my area and it showed segments all over the places where I ride all the time. None of them come up when I ride them. Why is that? Would they be private segments? If they are private why did they come up on the map?

The one segment in particular is the one that I rode during chemo and I was so weak I couldn’t get my feet unclipped. It would be interesting to see how far I’ve come since August. I now ride that road in the big chainring or a higher gear in the little chainring to prevent cross chaining.

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When I view my rides, most times 100% of them are visible. If not, at the bottom. there is a tab that says "hidden segments". I usually look at that to see how many there are then as I move my cursor to the right, there is a button that appears that says UNHIDE.


Maybe that is your issue. I am not sure why or how strava chooses each segment to hide. Only know that they do. There are about 100 at least on almost all my rides seeing this is a pretty popular area for cyclists.

Some have 10,000 riders. But I never segment hunt anyway. I just ride my bike and don't think about segments or breaking PR's. I just ride.

But I do enjoy viewing them after the ride to see how I have compared in the past. There is one that I pay attention to most often and have only tried to top it maybe 5 times out of 10,000 rides. :lol: I look at my stats after the ride but never pay attention on the rides.


I play mostly on my home computer so I use my cursor to unhide the items.

hidden efforts at the bottom of the segment section





Once I open that, I have to drag my cursor over to the right (circled area) then a button will appear that allows me to UNHIDE  the segment and will join the rest above.




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I agree, he should! I have only a handful of friends on strava, maybe 35 most times. I keep those that interact. Have no need for 3,000 followers who have no idea who I am or vice versa.

It is a motivator without all the BS make it out to be. I have buddies that do 100 miler per week. Not  a negative thought in sight. It is more like, hey, if Billy can do 100 per week, I should be able to as well.  But I really don't have any friends named Billy. :lol:

I love the fly by feature. You can see others traveling on the map around you. You see people you know that you had no idea were out there. Always cool to strike up a conversation, give them kudos. Kind of surprises them when they find out you were out there too. Many many riders out here and I know many many of them so it is pretty cool.

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