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I know it gets slow here some times but….


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We're awesome, and they would have you believe we are inferior with a crappy server and terrible software.  Worst off is how this site is managed, by a total loser who could not be more clueless on how to run a site.


In their defense, this server has had it's share of hiccups, but far less than the trouble I see over there.  This may not be perfect software, but compared to theirs I'll stay where I am.  It's true, I am clueless, and it is true, I have a hard time being an admin.


Overall, I think we have it pretty good here.

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Yup...signed in this AM and commented on the change...I still post there..but mostly here...aside from here..I think a lot of other folks have left in the last couple of years...(or maybe they got a life.. :whistle: )..either way...it has changed...and not for the better.  I feel sad cos I sure enjoyed much of the time with folks over there.


Oh well...I got you guys :D

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