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The Advantages of FaceBook

Mr. Beanz

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I only have a few friends, 60, all family members. I interact with maybe 20, 20 are silent, 10 just like everything posted, 3 are just there and  probably don't remember they have an account,  3 are so annoying that I just ignore them, and 4 are so illiterate that I can't understand what they write anyway! So it all works out!  :D


I post plenty of family pics as well as a few of my other cousins.


The advantage? I remember being like 12 years old and meeting friends of my cousins that were pretty hot. Girls that looked pretty dang good at that age, some even had boobs back then! A few that made me think, If I had been able to drive back then, I would have been all lover that. :wub:


So 38 years later their pics end up in my cousins' albums and I can say that most of them are pretty darn right rancid looking.  :o


The "Thank goodness I didn't end up with that" factor is a wonderful thing! :lol:

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i have a lot of virtual friends( play games,  fitness challenges)  and have met a surprisingly larger percentage of them 5% approx.. because of fitness camps, get togethers over the years, thus the larger number of fb friends.. as for family... they are on another list lol  and only 3 see what i post... i found out long ago one niece is a big gossip... not that i have much to say on there but if someone msgs me on there not pm....  she would slew it around...  what can i say, she is my brothers daughter and my brother is pretty mean.,


 surprised to find  quite a few nice people on there.. and i hope to meet a few more later today  with a conference i am attending.. they are from all around ontario and ny state, a few from  quebec, my team is quite large  so there will be   some funny pics taken.. no i will not post them here :)    

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