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Doc said my numbers were fine


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He said not to worry about that trig number.  He said it was still within normal range.


I came clean on my weekend of drinking and eating my face off, before the test.


My doc is awesome.  He even talked to me about his mountain biking experience.  The guy is what I would call a pussy, if I ever saw him on the trail.  LOL

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I wasn't too concerned with your numbers...You are so damn active...that is a great big plus.  But..now you will begin the numbers game...I try to keep this healthy..for the most part...but yup..at a certain point you start to concentrate on the numbers..


Enjoy...and IF you do run into your doc on the trail...don't laugh at him...until you bike past him like a bad ass. :D

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Okay, so he likes your weight, height, waist, bust size. So did he just check you out or give you a check up too?


No female stuff.  I go to another doc for that.  We went over my blood work, he listened to my heart, and lungs, made me do a strength test, he looked at my shoulder again, he felt my thyroid gland area, and looked at my tongue and throat.  Pretty standard physical type stuff.  He also looked at my back moles. 

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