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My day of waiting


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I went to my doc this morning and waited for a half hour before she saw me and gave me an ouchy tetanus shot.  I then went to the laundromat to wash the studio towels and waited for them to wash and dry.  Then back home and to the new dog park with Nixie and waited for another dog to arrive..... what I thought was a cute bulldog arrived, but turned out it wasn't so cute and tried to attack poor Nixie a couple of times... the bulldog went home and we waited for another nice dog to arrive.  I then went to the studio and waited on the phone listening to awful music for a half hour for the manufacturers of my broken receipt printer.  I taught my class and now I'm home waiting for brown rice to cook and for a B&B owner to call me back to let me know if she will actually be there to open the B&B in the mountains that I booked 2mths ago, but she forgot and is in Florida..... ho hum

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