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 plus, running around the city downtown and along the lake tomorrow...   scotiabank waterfront marathon.. the last marathon i did 6 yrs ago.. its awesome.

 i hope one day  to run again... i know this is a cycling forum :)  just because its fun, i am not fast anymore but  its fun to run with crowds and meet people, it makes me smile almost as much as cycling does .... but cycling is usually  me and the bike,  running is a bit more social  :)  


 to get ready  for next year(  i am having a back operation  not sure when but then i will run again)   i have been doing a series of  challenges with some FB friends,   ab challenge, squat challenge, lose the muffintop challenge lol..     but am starting this one for a month..  anyone want to join me.. honest  if i can do it with broken knee balance issues and severing spine.... you can too!    :)pm  me is you want to buddy up :)




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We are allowed to say ass here.   :)

 glass has the word  ass in it  so does pass, mass  and crass..  associate.. heck  we can say ass a lot on here.  :)  



petite i need to see you one day... just sorting more things out,  surgeon called me , had a long talk, waiting for another mri, then see him again... he said outcome will be low  so  i may save taxpayers money and not do it.. will  see if i have enough courage left when the time comes.


 those are squats, i can get you a video to show  proper form...   so its squats, pushups, and burpees as outline.. you can modify!   did 140 squats today and my knees creaked the whole time popping as i went.     the  page is on face book, the  30 day ab challenge... you can find me there , if you want i can ask kathy to add you:)   just a page to  get support and she posts a heck of a lot of good stuff, food recipes, and challenges.

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