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I expect a bumper crop of oak trees soon


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I have a couple dozen 60 year old oak trees in my yard.  Therefor, I have about eleventy bazzilion acorns in my yard right now.  I've been sitting here at my desk all afternoon watching 2 members of the SLA busily planting acorns all over my yard.  Why do they think that they have any chance of finding them when there will be 3 feet of snow covering them when the SLA need them.

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It's crazy, isn't it? On my ride last night, there were bazillions of acorns on one section of the trail. I've never seen so many. They were the most hazardous part of the ride. Like riding on marbles.
Beginning here (beginning if an uphill section):

At my house, we have a bumper crop of walnuts.

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