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14984 and I still have a few steps before bedtime!


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LOOOOOONG Day at work....and crazy...but I will try to stay out of it!!  Marketing co-worker is gonna shove a 4 piece huge cabinet set into her office so she can store her stuff (she has piles everywhere)..It is too big for the space and I think it will look like poop...but I am not going there...she will over fill those cabinets too.


Also our 3rd maintenance person...female...is a piece of work...attitude like ...well it doesn't belong in our building...But with the 2nd maintenance guy having memory issues...the guy in charge isn't about to toss someone out in the middle of renovation....Me....I will just ask the head guy when I need something and avoid her..or I might say something I regret. But...yup..she is "interesting"... :whistle:


So...my office is partway together...Monday I should have another computer geek in to continue getting stuff set up...I have files to un-box and well lots of things to un-box...

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